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Lemongrass oil is most useful with stomach ailments: from aches and pains to nausea and diarrhea. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and eases stress, headaches, and cramps. It can also be used as a natural deodorant and bug-repellant. Additionally, it is useful for skin and hair health, acting as a natural toner to both.

Lemongrass oil is known to help with the following:

Natural Deodorizer and Cleaner

Skin Health

Hair Health

Natural Bug Repellant

Stress and Anxiety Reducer

Detoxifying Antifungal Abilities

Headache Relief

Bacteria Killer

Fever Reducer

Supports Your Immune System

Reduces Inflammation

insect and bug repellent



Do not ingest or apply directly to the eyes or nose. Oils applied to the body should always be diluted in a carrier oil. Do not store in direct heat or sunlight. Keep away from children.

With any essential oil, it’s very important to patch test before use, to make sure you have no allergies or adverse reactions. First, dilute the oil you want to patch test by adding a few drops to a carrier oil or lotion. Then pat a few drops of the diluted oil onto your skin (the forearm is a good place). Keep it dry for the next 24-48 hours and check to see if there is any adverse reaction (burning or stinging sensation, redness or swelling, hives or blisters, etc). 

Natural, undiluted and vegan

None of our products are tested on animals.


For diffusers, add 2-5 drops of essential oils as desired, to 1-2 tablespoons of water. You can also add a few drops of oil to the top of a large pillar candle.

For household use, add a few drops of essential oil to your cleaning water, to squares of fabric to tuck amongst folded clothes or in drawers and pillowcases, or around windows and doors.

For personal use: always make sure to dilute essential oils before using on the body. You can add a few drops to your lotion, to a carrier oil, to your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Unscented carriers are recommended. Reminder to patch test any oil that you are trying for the first time.